Family and friends know him from the picture: Ludwig Klein, 32, from Wedding, loved his job. He was a passionate arborist – until that Tuesday at the beginning of 2022.

On January 18, Klein had a serious accident at work. “Ludwig fell from a height of seven meters, hit his head badly and injured himself life-threateningly. Three emergency surgeries saved his life,” his brother Maximilian wrote on the fundraising poster.

Ludwig was in a coma, and those who know and love him now live with a nagging uncertainty. “His healing process will take many months,” writes the brother. It is completely uncertain whether Klein will be able to work in his dream job again afterwards.

It was seconds that completely changed a life. “Like many arborists, Ludwig also worked as a freelancer. Now he will not be able to support himself for a long period of time. The money from the insurance companies only covers the bare essentials,” says the appeal for donations on the website of the Federal Association for Arboristics, Height Work and Ecology.

Ludwig Klein is currently awake and responsive, he is on the right track for such a serious accident. But he still has an important surgery ahead of him before it is clear how things will continue in the long term.


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