Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt actually wanted to get married in Tuscany. The wedding there has now been cancelled. Instead, the dream couple would like to say yes to each other on Sylt.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt actually wanted to exchange vows in Tuscany in July. But the wedding on a private estate 20 kilometers northeast of Lucca has now been canceled. This is reported by the BUNTE magazine.

As a member of the federal government, Lindner needs personal protection, which the Federal Criminal Police Office in Italy is apparently unable to guarantee either for him or for his high-profile guests.

As a sovereign statesman, to which the FDP leader had quickly grown in his new office, Christian Lindner must not show his great private luck too much in everyday political life, especially in times of the Ukraine war and the corona crisis. The wedding in July should be all the more magnificent. Instead, the two now want to marry on Sylt, as the magazine reports.

At 28, Ricarda Lang is the youngest leader of the Green Party and could hardly move more confidently on the political stage. But the politicians are also repeatedly attacked because of their figure.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) let her son fly to northern Germany in a government helicopter. After that we went on vacation together on Sylt. The opposition speaks of a “lack of tact”, the SPD emphasizes the “compliant” travel itinerary.

Russia’s war against Ukraine is having an impact on the international agricultural markets: quantities are threatening to become scarcer, prices are rising. How could German farmers also grow additional grain?

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