The US chip manufacturer Intel has expressed hopes of being able to start producing chips in Germany earlier than planned. In conversation with a delegation from Saxony-Anhalt, Intel manager Ann-Marie Holmes made it clear on Tuesday in Leixlip, Ireland, that she hopes to start production in Magdeburg as early as 2026.

According to the plan presented in March, the new semiconductor plants in the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt are scheduled to start in 2027. “It shouldn’t be up to us,” said Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) of the German Press Agency on the sidelines of the appointment. This will also depend on whether Intel can get all the machines it needs in time. On Tuesday, Haseloff visited the construction of a new Intel factory in Leixlip together with Economics Minister Sven Schulze (CDU) and representatives of the state capital Magdeburg.

After the tour of the construction site, Haseloff said it was “really so impressive here”. The CDU politician was particularly impressed by the tour of the production area, the so-called “clean room”. Machines for chip production are currently being set up there. According to Intel, it was a rarity that the delegation was allowed to take a close look at this area.

Intel is expanding its industrial campus in Leixlip, near the capital Dublin, with investments worth billions. The mega factory is scheduled for completion in 2023. More than 4500 workers were involved in the construction in different phases. Suppliers from Japan, the USA and the Netherlands are currently building machines for production.

In the course of the Intel settlement, Economics Minister Schulze hopes that these suppliers will also settle in Saxony-Anhalt, for example with training centers or the production and storage of spare parts. Schulze announced that his ministry also wanted to establish contacts with local companies.

The new factory in Leixlip is a template for the chip manufacturer’s plans in Magdeburg. In the first stage of the expansion, Intel wants to build two neighboring semiconductor plants in the state capital. Processors and graphics chips are to be produced there. Several thousand jobs could be created in Magdeburg. Initially, Intel wants to invest about 17 billion euros. Construction is scheduled to start next year.


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