The new Berlin Fire and Rescue Academy (BFRA) will probably be more expensive than planned – but it should be finished on time. Urban Development Senator Andreas Geisel and Interior Senator Iris Spranger (both SPD) emphasized the importance of the project for the Senate. You are on schedule.

Spranger said: “It is made clear that the schedule is not in question. The fire academy is my top priority. We are in a training offensive and we need these buildings.”

There had previously been reports that the academy would not be finished in 2027, but that construction should only start then. This has now been rejected.

However, the city development senator Geisel is already preparing that the costs of the fire brigade academy are likely to significantly exceed the previously estimated 208 million euros. The reason for this is increased construction costs – both for materials and labor costs.

The complex is to be built in the south-west of the former Tegel airport site. 500 graduates are expected to learn there every year. Buildings that are no longer used are to be renovated. So far, the Berlin fire brigade has been training its young people on a site in a former barracks in Heiligensee. The buildings there were erected before the Second World War and are in dire need of renovation.

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There is a lack of teaching and seminar rooms, facilities for simulations and exercise areas that can also be used in storms and rain. The training for the rescue service has therefore been taking place in specially rented rooms in an office building called “Top Tegel” for a while. The “Berliner Morgenpost” reported on this, as well as on the possible delay in construction.

Benedikt Lux, budget politician and interior expert for the Greens, told the Tagesspiegel on Wednesday: “The punctual completion of the fire brigade academy is systemically relevant for our security architecture.” It is good that the Senate has now made it clear that it is on schedule.


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