What routes do elementary school children in particular use on their way to school – and how do you avoid getting lost? The Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has been trying to determine this for some time as part of a study on school route safety.

Neukölln now wants to follow the example: At the last district council meeting, the councilors unanimously approved a motion that calls for a similar study for Neukölln.

In the application submitted by the SPD and the Greens, the district office is also asked to inform the BVV at least once a year about the implementation of appropriate security measures.

All students should have the opportunity to walk or bike to school safely from the start, says the justification for the application. A network of routes to schools is required that should connect safe routes with each other.

The study is intended to provide information on which routes are used particularly frequently by elementary school children, whether on foot or by bike – and in particular at which points a particularly large number of children (have to) cross a street.

Based on the results of the study, measures should then be implemented that could range from 30 km/h zones and the conversion of intersections to temporary road closures.



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