The trial between Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36) may not continue until May 16, but intimate details of the two’s private lives are still being made public.

The currently most explosive message: Amber’s psychologist is said to have written down the ex-lover of her client on a piece of paper. Before and after Johnny, some with annotations. The “Bild” published a photo of the note, which also played a role as evidence in last week’s hearing.

The list of lovers, which carries the generic term “Intimate Relationships” (in German: “intimate relationships”), is said to have been created during a session between Amber and her psychologist. This appeared a few days ago as Amber’s witness.

According to “Bild”, the list shows that Amber’s first relationship lasted two years. From 16 to 18 she was with a “Travis”. After his name, the psychologist noted: “good guy” (in German: “good guy”).

“Eduardo” followed “Travis”. Side note here: “Catholic”. After that, Amber reportedly had affairs with “funny” Valentino and a “Mark” with whom she was having fun in Mexico. Before her relationship with Johnny, Amber was with the photographer Tasya van Ree (46) for five years.

There are no annotations on the list next to the name “Johnny”. After that it gets particularly interesting. The psychologist wrote the letters “JF” and testified in court under oath that this should be James Franco (44). The colleague who, according to Amber, Johnny was already very jealous of. Behind the putative initials is the note: “Friends – grew closer – but she really wanted to be with Johnny”.

The name “Elon” also appears on the note. This is probably Tesla boss Elon Musk (50). He and Amber were a couple until 2018. The following sentence was noted after “Elon”: “I was heartbroken, my soul was dead and I felt nothing at the time.”

After Johnny, Amber was allowed to present her point of view to the jury for the first time last Wednesday and Thursday.

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