Marine Le Pen wished Tuesday May 10 “to avoid” that Emmanuel Macron, who according to her will obtain a majority in the legislative elections, can “do what he wants”. “The role of a firm, effective, convinced opposition is to prevent the President of the Republic from doing precisely what he wants, because what he wants will do a lot of harm to the French,” said TF1. the former presidential candidate, during her first interview since the second round.

Desiring that the candidates of her party, the National Rally, enter “in number” in the National Assembly, she considered that “the logic of the institutions wants the President of the Republic to have a majority. Anyone who tells anything else is telling fables.”

“The real question is what opposition to be able to fight the policy of Emmanuel Macron”, continued Marine Le Pen for whom the French “have already chosen a little” their opposition “by putting (it) in the second round of the presidential election” with 41.5% of the vote.

According to Marine Le Pen, “the French do not want this opposition” united in the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) led by the rebel Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It is for her “the extreme left allied with the left”, which “will defend the burkini at the swimming pool”, “open the prisons”, “regularize the illegal immigrants”, “raise the taxes” and “disarm the police”. .

She denounced the “lies” of Emmanuel Macron who “defended French growth which was on the rise while we are at 0% growth” and who “hid realities from the French”. She presented herself as ” the candidate of truth”, who wants to “oppose everything that contributes to aggravate the immigration situation, the situation of insecurity, judicial laxity but also, once again, everything that affects power purchase.’ But she said RN MPs would vote in favor of indexing pensions to inflation, a measure proposed by both candidates.


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