It is an investiture that is likely to make people cringe. To face the candidate of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) Sandrine Rousseau, in the 9th district of Paris, La République en Marche (LREM) chose Buon Tan, a sulphurous profile that questions. Elected with 55.26% of the vote against Raphaël Qnouch (La France insoumise) during the last election, Buon Tan is reputed to be very (too?) close to Beijing and is under investigation for “breach of trust”. The deputy is, in fact, accused by the Representative Council of Asian Associations of France (Craaf), of which he was the president, of having embezzled funds, an accusation which he rejects.

But Buon Tan is also suspected of being an agent of influence in Beijing. As revealed in a long investigation, Le Point, the elected member is a member, without being declared, of the “Executive Council of the Association for the Friendship of Chinese Abroad”, an institution created by the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP). This committee is managed directly by the Labor Department of the United Front, the branch of the CCP intended to influence outside the party, the diaspora and abroad. The presence of a French deputy in this organization raises fears of potential conflicts of interest.

Buon Tan also made a name for himself in the National Assembly by being the only deputy to vote against the resolution adopted in January by the hemicycle to denounce the ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs. “The text is ineffective, even counterproductive, it does not help the cause,” he explained to Le Monde.

Buon Tan, the LREM deputy protected by Macron and an executive of the Chinese Communist Party, is reinvested against Sandrine Rousseau in the legislative elections. The president ignored an intelligence note “evoking the risk of interference” from China, as Le Point revealed in March.


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