“Reconquête is back everywhere in France. I will lead our beautiful and great fight alongside our 550 candidates. I am running in the 4th constituency of Var”, tweeted Eric Zemmour, who had won 7.07% of the votes at the presidential.

He will hold a meeting this Thursday evening in Cogolin at 6:00 p.m. The president of the Reconquest! had obtained 14.7% of the votes in the first round of the presidential election in this constituency, against 32.2% for Marine Le Pen and 24.1% for Emmanuel Macron.

In particular, he will face an RN candidate, Philippe Lottiaux, and the outgoing Macronist deputy Sereine Mauborgne. The rebellious Sabine Cristofani-Viglione will also try her luck.

The former editorial writer for Le Figaro and CNews hesitated for a long time before running for a ballot that promises to be complicated for his camp.

He repeatedly called for an agreement with the RN, to no avail. If Eric Zemmour “shows up, he goes to the box”, commented the president of RN Jordan Bardella on Wednesday.

Parisian, Eric Zemmour finally let his lieutenants, Sébastien Pilard (ex-LR) and Garen Shnorhokian, embark on the 14th and 4th district of the capital.

He opted for the Var, one of the territories among which he made his best scores.

His leader of the youth movement Stanislas Rigault is a candidate in neighboring Vaucluse, in the 2nd constituency.

Pregnant, former RN deputy Marion Maréchal, vice-president of Reconquête!, decided not to appear.



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