“Don’t be intimidated” and “fight”, launched Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, May 10, to the candidates of the presidential majority for the legislative elections of June who had an appointment near Paris for a session of team building, practical advice and family photo. “There is no third round of the presidential election”, insisted, according to participants, Emmanuel Macron in his speech behind closed doors to the candidates of the common house “Together! by calling on them not to “be intimidated by those who would like to replay in the legislative elections what was decided in the presidential election”. “Nothing is written, nothing is done,” warned the head of state, defending a “project that puts work back at the heart” and “attacks inequalities at the root”. While he must still reveal the name of his new Prime Minister, he once again promised “a new method”, that of a broad “association of all the political forces and living forces of the nation”.

Were present on Tuesday, the main figures of the macronie including Édouard Philippe and a slew of ministers, some of whom are candidates like Olivier Véran, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Gabriel Attal or Clément Beaune. The current Prime Minister, Jean Castex, invited all of his ministers Thursday evening for a farewell dinner. In the meantime, the troops are “in working order to win a presidential majority”, assured in his welcoming speech the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand. And he welcomed this “great date” of May 10. Forty-one years after the election of François Mitterrand, Macron II’s soldiers form “a republican arc: social democrats, ecologists, centrists and the liberal right”.

Constance Le Grip, who until then sat on the benches of LR, is the last war prize of the macronists. “I remain faithful to my convictions of a modern, liberal, social and European right,” she said in the midst of about 400 other invested candidates, half of them for whom this is the first candidacy for the legislative elections.

On the program for the day: family photo in tight rows, and “workshops” on campaign strategy or communication. On the form, “do not be stingy on the shots to drink” and “the smile (the smile), take advantage of it”, advocated Sarah El Haïry, member of the government and contender for a second term as MP in Loire-Atlantique . On the merits, “to listen to its territory, to make the most detailed political analysis possible, to build not a local program, but a national program declined at the local level”, recommended the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attal . Because the seminar, willingly good-natured, was carried by a wind of optimism: reinvigorated by the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, the outgoing majority is betting on a low turnout in June, when its electorate is deemed to be the most mobilized.

Minister Franck Riester, who will be a candidate for the fourth time in Seine-et-Marne, gave his good campaign advice: “We have to see the face of the candidate in big and smiling”, and above all, “we have to ‘we can clearly see that the candidate is supported by Emmanuel Macron”. “Me, I don’t waste time campaigning in areas where I am weak: my only challenge is to mobilize my electorate”, slipped an outgoing, identifying “pockets sores in the city center who vote LFI and which are not recoverable”.

The fact remains that among the candidates, neophytes or not, questions and thoughts arose: Mireille Clapot, MP for Drôme, has “a problem with Wikipedia”. Jimmy Pahun, elected Breton, pointed out that “we passed thirteen laws on security but we, when we were harassed, nothing”. It’s “the hardness of social networks”, put Éric Bothorel (Côtes-d’Armor) into perspective. According to one Norman suitor, “it’s not easy to campaign without a named government”, while others worried about not being able to “put forward three or four key measures that really impact”. “Be offensive on Europe”, replied Gabriel Attal, acknowledging also that, on the subject of pensions, the contenders in the constituencies known to the left will have to play it “rather defensive”.



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