Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has expressed understanding for public criticism after her son flew in a government helicopter. In the ZDF “Mittagsmagazin” the SPD politician announced on Wednesday that consequences would be drawn so that such allegations would no longer be possible in the future.

As a lawyer, minister and citizen, it is important to her that all of her decisions are “completely correct from a purely legal point of view”. ‚ÄúThat is also the case here. The costs have been taken over,” said Lambrecht. As a minister, she has very little time for private life. “But as a mother, it’s also important to me to keep in touch with my son,” she said. We ask for your understanding.

In the interview, the minister was also asked about a report in the daily newspaper “Welt”, according to which an inquiry on the subject was followed by an unofficial indication that Lambrecht reserved the right to take legal action against possible reporting. Lambrecht said that she herself had had no contact. “Well, I reserve the right to react accordingly to all statements made about me or my family if there are false allegations of fact.”

In April, Lambrecht took her 21-year-old son in a government helicopter to visit troops in northern Germany in mid-April, without him attending the military appointment. The next day and after an overnight stay in a hotel, the car and bodyguards drove to the nearby island of Sylt. (dpa)


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