For 6 persons

1.5 kg chuck (cut into thin slices by the butcher), 2 large onions, 100 g anchovies in olive oil, 100 g capers in salt, 100 g gherkins, 4 cloves of garlic , 6 tbsp. at s. cider vinegar, 6 tbsp. at s. olive oil, a few lettuce or spinach leaves (optional), thyme, bay leaf, ground pepper.

The preparation

The day before or two days before, peel and slice the onions, capers, gherkins and garlic cloves with a knife. Reduce the anchovies to an ointment in a mortar. Mix everything with 5 tablespoons of olive oil, a little ground pepper (but definitely no salt!).

In the bottom of a cast iron or terracotta casserole, pour a spoonful of olive oil. To prevent the dish from sticking, you can cover the bottom with a few lettuce or spinach leaves. Then place a layer of chopped condiments, spread over a layer of slices of meat (without overlapping them), cover with chopped condiments and so on until you run out of ingredients, ending with the condiments. Drizzle with vinegar and add a few bay leaves and a sprig of thyme. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

The cooking

Sprinkle with a glass of water then bake the dish at 150°C for 5 hours.

After cooking, let the dish rest for a few hours. It is even better the next day or the day after. Return the dish to the oven at 150°C for 1 hour before serving. Accompany with Camargue rice, white or semi-complete, and a well-structured red wine from the south, such as Costières-de-Nîmes.


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