From 2:00 p.m., the 523,199 Terminale students from general and technological high schools will examine the subjects of these tests, born of the baccalaureate reform decided by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer.

They have been postponed from March to May due to the Covid and are therefore not taken into account in Parcoursup, the higher education admissions platform. An important element for high school students.

The calendar was shifted, but the program was stopped in March, on the date on which the tests should have taken place, so that the candidate did not have “excessive tension in his preparation upstream”, said Edouard on Monday. Geffray, number two in the Ministry of Education.

Candidates will each take two tests, with a coefficient of 16 each. These specialty tests represent a third of the results of the baccalaureate, calculated on 100 points.

On the health aspect, the Ministry of National Education does not impose any particular provision, nor any recommendation to wear a mask.

“Due to the health crisis (of Covid-19), the two previous sessions had led us to make very substantial adjustments. It is finally the first time that the final specialty tests can be held in the planned format”, recalled Edouard Geffray.

In 2020, high school students in Terminale had obtained – or not – their baccalaureate on the basis of their continuous assessment marks. Due to the pandemic, the events had been cancelled.

Last year, the continuous assessment had still represented the main part of the final mark of the examination. Philosophy had been the only written test, with French in Première.

– Reduced stake –

The stakes of these written specialty tests were however reduced after the announcements of development due to the health crisis: the two-month postponement prevents the taking into account of these notes in Parcoursup and therefore in the files examined by the establishments to which future baccalaureate holders have applied.

Instead, the files will indicate the averages of specialties over the three terms of Première and the first two of Terminale.

“Let’s be honest, these tests are a formality. The marks do not count in Parcoursup and I already have answers for post-baccalaureate schools”, says Juliette, 18, in Terminale in Nice. “Obviously, I worked because I must not have below 10 but the pressure is not really there”.

This year, 381,221 candidates are applying for the general baccalaureate, 141,978 for the technological baccalaureate and 186,200 for the professional baccalaureate, i.e. some 710,000 young people in total. The timetable for the vocational baccalaureate exams differs from that of the others.

The specialty tests take place from Wednesday to Friday depending on the subjects. Just over 45,000 correctors will be mobilized.

Among the most chosen specialties, Mathematics, with 142,730 candidates, Economic and Social Sciences (136,466), History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science (106,994).

The approximately one million copies will be sent to proofreaders electronically (they are scanned and sent to proofreaders). The marks will then be harmonized, between correctors and between the different subjects.

Contrary to what was initially planned, students will know their marks for these tests at the same time as the rest of their baccalaureate results, on July 5.

Since the reform of the baccalaureate in 2019, the results are based 40% on continuous assessment and 60% on final tests: written and oral French in Première, and philosophy, specialties and the great oral in Terminale.

The baccalaureate pass rate has exceeded 80% since 2012. Last year, nearly 94% of candidates passed the exam, a necessary condition for accessing higher education.


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