Going to school is not always easy for many children and young people. Tom and Bill Kaulitz (32) also revealed in their podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood” that they had it anything but easy at school. Particularly shocking: the teachers even became violent towards them in some cases.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz report that the outdated educational methods of their teachers, some of whom had already taught their mother, were extremely problematic. “These were old kites from GDR times,” says Tom Kaulitz. “They used to hit the kids in the face,” adds Bill Kaulitz. Fisticuffs by teachers were common during their school days. “I constantly got a kick out of school,” says Tom Kaulitz. “My sports teacher once gave me a real slap in the face. One that makes your ears ring,” he recalls of a particularly violent situation. According to Bill Kaulitz, the teachers had a hard time “pulling themselves together not to lend a hand”.

Even if violence is of course by no means an appropriate reaction, Bill and Tom Kaulitz do not always seem to have made it easy for their teachers at school. “The teachers didn’t get along with us,” the two report. According to their own statement, they were “snotty” at school. Especially in a double pack, the teachers would hardly have managed to assert themselves against the twins. “The two of us against the rest of the world” was the motto of Tom and Bill Kaulitz when they were at school.

Due to the difficulties, the teachers saw only one solution: to separate Bill and Tom Kaulitz from each other and put them in different classes. At the time, it felt like driving a wedge between them. This is how the teachers wanted to “weaken” them, the brothers say. The twins were “too strong” for them in a double pack. “You have to imagine that,” Tom Kaulitz is outraged about this type of education and even thinks: “That was one of the meanest things that happened to us.”

However, the painful spatial separation in the school has brought one positive thing with it. Because of the class change, Tom and Bill Kaulitz got to know their best friend to this day. As children, they struggled through their homework together and also dreamed of one day the three of them going to the police station. “I think it’s nice that we always had and still have a mutual best friend,” says Bill Kaulitz.

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The original of this article “Flapped by the teacher! Tom and Bill Kaulitz report on difficult school days” comes from Bunte.de.



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