Tennis star Boris Becker has been sentenced to two and a half years in a London prison. He is now finding out for himself that life behind bars is no picnic – and the fellow inmates are said to be annoyed by him.

For a total of 13 days, tennis legend Boris Becker (54) has been in London’s Wandsworth prison, which is considered one of the toughest and strictest prisons in Great Britain. He is currently serving part of his prison sentence there for delaying bankruptcy. A state that no one would have expected!

In the meantime, the former sports professional seems to have realized that he will have to do without any luxury for a long time. An insider recently revealed to the British “The Sun” that Boris should not like the food in the detention center at all and that he regularly complains about the hygiene rules in prison. And otherwise the 54-year-old should act as a real diva behind bars!

As the “Bild” newspaper claims to have learned, Lilly Becker’s (45) estranged husband is said to have complained several times to his fellow inmates that he was not allowed to take a shower last weekend. According to prison rules, detainees – including Boris – are only allowed to shower twice a week. The 54-year-old should also complain to the inmates about how small his cell is. Of course, this attitude is not well received! The former tennis ace also knows this, which is why, according to “Bild”, he is said to have apologized several times for his whining. His argument: he has always lived a privileged life since his first Wimbledon victory and does not know such conditions.

It is precisely with these statements that Becker is said to offend the other prisoners more and more often, even if there are allegedly several tennis fans among them. Particularly unfair for the other inmates: The 54-year-old should regularly ask the prison guards when he will finally be transferred to a better prison. Not a good basis for new friendships in Wandsworth prison!

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