The facts occurred around 1 p.m. in a store in the commercial area of ​​La Valentine (11th arrondissement), in the east of the city, where the police had been called after the man had been spotted with a weapon. white.

He “rushed at the police” and the police deemed him “threatening enough” to use their service weapon, a police source told AFP.

The individual was walking around “with a threatening behavior” and the police summoned him “several times to lay down his weapon”, specified the public prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens, in a brief press release, before a press briefing announced in late afternoon: but he “refused to comply and rushed towards the police who then used their weapon twice”, added the magistrate.

No injuries are to be deplored, apart from the perpetrator of the attack, who died quickly from his injuries despite the intervention of the firefighters.

The attacker, believed to be in his 50s, is being identified. “No element of radicalization was noted on the spot by the witnesses”, we learned from a source close to the investigation, and the terrorist track was absolutely not mentioned at this stage.

Two separate investigations were immediately opened to determine the exact circumstances of the facts, specified the Marseille prosecutor: a first, entrusted to the judicial police, for “attempted homicide on a person holding public authority”, on the part of of the aggressor; and a second, entrusted to the IGPN, for “voluntary homicide”, in order “to determine the conditions of the shootings” emanating from the police.

The police force is systematically seized when a police officer uses his service weapon.

According to a source close to the investigation, the facts would have been filmed by a video camera, which would attest to the state of self-defense of the police officer.

– Two weeks after the Pont-Neuf –

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin reacted very quickly on Twitter, thanking on Twitter the “courageous police officers who neutralized a threatening individual, armed with a knife, in a commercial area in Marseille”.

A psychological aid system has been put in place by the police headquarters for the witnesses present on the spot.

In early May, police rallies were organized all over France at the call of several unions to protest against the indictment for “intentional homicide” of one of their colleagues, a 24-year-old peacekeeper who had killed two men who allegedly forced a check the previous week in Paris.

This qualification had provoked strong reactions in the profession, which calls in particular for a “presumption of self-defense” for the police.

The facts took place on the night of April 24 to 25, when a policeman from the City Security Company (CSC), armed with an assault rifle, opened fire on the driver of a car and its passenger who tried to evade a control, on the Pont Neuf, in the heart of the capital.

The two men died on the spot and a third man, also a passenger in the vehicle, was injured.


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