In a government helicopter almost to Sylt – and that in times of war. Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has recently committed several faux pas. When it comes to “important today,” the political scientist Albrecht von Lucke not only doubts their suitability.

With the family helicopter to Sylt? What might sound like a small trip by the “rich upper class” is falling on Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht’s feet. Especially before the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, the political expert Albrecht von Lucke criticized the SPD Minister Lambrecht in the 273rd episode of “Today Important”: “This lack of instinct speaks for a lack of political sensitivity and thus actually against the ability to deal with such office, at a time like this.”

The incident: Christine Lambrecht took her 21-year-old son with her in the government helicopter at Easter, from Berlin to northern Germany to visit the troops – then she continued by car to Sylt. And the whole thing came out, you can hardly believe it, because her son posted snapshots of it on Instagram.

Political expert on Lambrecht: “There was no proximity to the matter from the start”

According to a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Defense, the minister should not have violated the guidelines. Because ministers are allowed to take family members with them in government machines if they pay part of the costs. Ms. Lambrecht is said to have done the same, said the spokesman. Christine Lambrecht will probably not have to resign for this, according to political scientist Albrecht von Lucke. But the basic problem is different: “This lack of instinct – not making it clear that the emergency has arrived – then becomes a political issue because it radiates out to the entire coalition.” Lambrecht is not the first defense minister who is not particularly familiar with the Bundeswehr. With the difference: “The predecessors were very fortunate that it did not come to an emergency.”

“Two quota women have now failed”

Now Christine Lambrecht heads a Federal Ministry of Defense and is thus the supreme commander of a Bundeswehr, which would actually need the often-mentioned big hit. Von Lucke makes it clear: “The cardinal problem of politics is that it has criminally neglected defense policy in the last two decades.” This is not just Christine Lambrecht’s failure. But in this crisis situation, she acts at least without instinct. Von Lucke also writes for the monthly magazine “Blätter für deutsche und Internationale Politik”. His conclusion in the morning podcast “important today” – the resignation of the former Federal Minister for Family Affairs Anne Spiegel and now the mistakes of Christine Lambrecht would also harm Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “It raises the question: Where does the SPD team actually stand in the situation an emergency? What is this defense minister capable of? And unfortunately that radiates to the entire party.”

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