(OTTAWA) The NDP caucus chair in Ottawa wants urgent answers from Immigration on what happened to the applications of 2,900 Afghans who had helped the Canadian military – and who have already been duly “cleared” by the army.

Jenny Kwan asks the Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser, to explain why Afghans, whose documents have nevertheless been duly checked and checked by the Canadian army, have not been able to have their application for come to Canada.

Gen. Wayne Eyre, chief of the defense staff, told a Commons committee on Monday evening that his department had screened and verified the documents of 3,800 Afghans, including interpreters, who supported the army’s efforts Canadian in Afghanistan.

However, the committee learned that only 900 of these 3,800 Afghans had so far had their applications to come to Canada approved by the Department of Immigration.

MP Kwan says she plans to follow this issue with vigor, because the lives of these Afghans who have helped the Canadian military are in danger since the Taliban took power in this country.

She also plans to ask if the immigration department has lost records of Afghan interpreters who want to come to Canada, saying the government has “betrayed” them.

“With each passing day, the risks are heightened for Afghans,” said Ms. Kwan. And for those who have served this country and their loved ones, it is a mistake that the government has left them behind. »

She says the Taliban are tracking performers and their families, and she wants Canada to issue a special travel document, so vulnerable Afghans don’t have to expose themselves unnecessarily to apply for that passport.

It is dangerous for Afghans who have helped the Canadian Forces to apply for passports from Taliban authorities, Kwan said.

“When you’re being hunted down and trying to hide from the Taliban, you can’t just walk into the Taliban-run office and say, ‘Can you issue travel documents, issue passports for my whole family?’ , she added. The minute you do that, you put a red flag over the top of your head to be targeted. »

The Immigration Department was not available for comment.



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