It could have been the icing on a romantic cake: on the evening that Jenny Elvers celebrated her 50th birthday, SAT.1 broadcast the second episode of “Club der Gute Mood”. Yes, alas: she apparently celebrated her birthday without Marc Terenzi, the man she didn’t know on her recent trip to reality TV, but had apparently learned to love. For the SAT.1 audience, the circumstance held some intellectual gymnastics in store. While there were rumors of a crisis on the People portals, the same relationship had not even started on the screen.

Marc Terenzi first rolled in common sheets with Cora Schumacher. “It was super nice, it’s fun. Like teenagers!” the US Sonnyboy recapitulated the sleepless nights. “We just stay friends, have fun together here,” the dancer and Sarah-Connor-Ex explained the tender flirtation in front of the cameras. “I don’t want it to be complicated.” That, in turn, should have remained a wish, as the preview of episode 3 showed at the end.

The complication approached in the person of Jenny Elvers, an actress by profession and known “from radio, television and colorful newspapers”, as she truthfully announced when she moved in. Why was she so late? The pandemic was to blame. “The corona test worked for me.” Now she hopes to “not only meet hollow bratzen” in the villa, but “at least one person I like”. It was found quickly. “A very fine guy, he’s charming, he’s funny,” she enthused about Marc Terenzi. She was also acquainted with her future opponent. “We have an easy friendship. We’re both single ladies,” confirmed Cora Schumacher, coolly. This is how great drama begins.

The newly arrived woman first had to share the double bed with ex-“Bachelorette” participant Sebastian Fobe, because there was still half free. Marc’s was temporarily occupied elsewhere. The former boy band star did not have his most intimate moment horizontally, but in the evening by the pool. Joey Heindle, the former DSDS fifth, he poured a kind of life confession into his lap.

“It’s tough when you’re successful, you have to function and you take drugs,” the 43-year-old informed the 15-year-old showbiz colleague. He felt “trapped”. “I was totally fucked up. Everyone saw it, nobody said anything. I drank just to function.”

He played shows every night during that dark time and needed two bottles of vodka to feel comfortable on stage. “People didn’t realize that I was totally drunk.” Twice he went to a clinic with his alcohol problem. “But it was worse when I came out.” After all, he was sitting on the sofa at home and didn’t feel anything anymore. Then he decided to try alcohol-free for a year to see if his life still had a perspective. “After three months I felt so good that I said: ok, I can do it. I keep doing that, more fitness and do something for my body. And then everything changed.”

Joey felt very close to the older star, “he’s such a cool guy, like a brother to me”. But the big brother later thanked the affection in a strange way. He seated Joey Heindle alongside Julian F.M. Stoeckel on the list of candidates for selection. “Super-amazing, but still unpredictable”, is the young comrade-in-arms, so the reasoning.

“I wouldn’t have thought it would hurt quite a bit,” the duped conceded, but was otherwise determined not to make a scene and to take the positive out of the rejection. “I’m a dangerous opponent, that’s just the way it is,” he explained to himself about the group’s confirmed end. “The pee man likes to drive in there.”

Good cue actually. How did Jenny Elvers experience the nomination? Full of gratitude. “I was almost packing my bags,” she had firmly expected that Marc would send her home. For whatever reason. She was “really touched” that things turned out differently.

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The original of this post “Two bottles of vodka before every show: Terenzi makes a drug confession” comes from Teleschau.


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