The current inflation rate is over seven percent. It may be around six percent on average in 2022, but even the optimistic estimate does not dare to predict whether the rate will drop significantly in 2023 and 2024.

At the end of 2024, the current broadcasting fee of 18.36 euros will come to an end. The chairman of the Commission for Determining the Financial Needs of Broadcasters (KEF), Martin Detzel, assumes that the broadcasting fee for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio will increase in 2025. “If you extrapolate the cost development in view of the current inflation rate, it is no surprise that the contributions could rise nominally,” Detzel told the “FAZ”. He ruled out a significant increase in contributions: The KEF had always recommended “an increase in contributions below the level of inflation”. Let’s see.

Assuming that the registrations of the stations for the future amount of the contribution minus the deductions of the KEF result in an increase of four percent in the monthly broadcasting contribution, then the contribution will rise to just over 19 euros. Does that sound dramatic?

The radio contribution is the electronic bread price of this republic. Always controversial, for the beneficiaries little more than what is necessary, for some contributors simply outrageous.

It can be seen that the contribution, especially its amount, will be more competitive than ever. Politicians from the CSU and SPD have already proposed suspending the obligation to pay the 18.36 euros for at least three months. It will not stop with these proposals. What’s particularly annoying is the populism in it: Taking the ax on the public broadcasters immediately provokes applause. thinking would be better. What institution can stand it if its inflow of funds is cut off for three months?

None, I would say. In public broadcasting, everyone declares themselves responsible and competent, of course, everyone can tune in!

How does a serious debate about the financing of this necessary communication tool escape such nonsense proposals? First of all, politicians have to do it themselves. Ultimately, she will determine the future amount of the contribution; she must first decide on the basis for this, i.e. on the future order for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio that is currently being discussed. This is a big, very big board. It will be interesting to see whether the inflation rate will affect the programs as a result of these eminent questions. That would be a strange war bonus if the inflation it caused were to become the main factor in the amount of contributions.

So politics, so the KEF, so the broadcasters themselves. Of course, the directors will shrug their shoulders at first. You are not responsible for the inflation, program production and employees have to deal with the price increase professionally, the employees and all other affected citizens also privately.

An excessive demand for a plus in the contribution will damage public service broadcasting, if life and petrol prices rise, then the broadcasting contribution must do so at the same time. Public broadcasting is not outside of society, it is part of it, financed by it.

ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio are the first to act in this cycle, which will eventually lead to the new contribution level of January 1, 2025. You report future additional requirements to the KEF. Level and justification are crucial. Anything that will look like self-interest and self-indulgence will hit her right away. Quite a few politicians are waiting for this submission.


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