“Many hospitals have one or more restricted or closed services”, admitted Mr. Véran on RMC and BFMTV, while ad hoc closures have multiplied in recent weeks, in particular in emergency services, for lack of caregivers in number. sufficient.

However “there are positions, there are budgets, there is money, there are salaries which have been increased to recruit these caregivers”, he said, recalling that the “Ségur de health” has “improved working conditions” with increases of at least 200 euros per month, which “is not nothing”.

If these increases have not stemmed the hospital crisis, “I do not believe it is a salary problem”, he declared, pointing rather to “a problem of organization, bureaucracy, workload administration”.

There is also “a problem of fatigue” after two years of “very significant overload” due to the pandemic and “we must also let this post-Covid wave side pass”, he added.

The Covid-19 continues to weigh on the activity of hospitals, which still receive more than 20,000 infected patients, which increases the “difficulties in finding downstream beds” for patients admitted to the emergency room.

And upstream “the medical deserts have widened in our country” because of the numerus clausus – abolished during the quinquennium – which reduced the number of liberal practitioners and led to “a greater postponement on emergencies”, he said. Explain.

Despite this “accumulation of tensions”, Mr. Véran assured that “all French people who need access to emergency care (there) have access” and that “the quality and safety of care is there”, even if “the reception conditions are not ideal”.



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