Well, okay, it’s not exactly in season. Though. Any pretext is good to eat tasty dumplings. However, for some reason that escapes us, this address (sorry, these two addresses) had completely passed under our radar screen.

Big mistake, because Harbin Dumplings (with two great locals, one on Saint-Laurent, open since 2015, attracting local Mile End wildlife instead, the other on Saint-Denis, popular with tourists, since 2019) offers some of the best chinese dumplings in town. Error corrected, dumplings tested, savored and approved.

The menu of Harbin (in reference to this metropolis in northeast China, a sort of little Paris of Asia) is very varied here, with a fine selection of flavors (pork dumplings, seafood, beef, chicken, lamb or veggie) and a variety of cooking methods (boiled, steamed, fried or, why not, in a broth).

We are suggested the classic option (shrimp, pork, chives or even pork and cabbage), but we love those with lamb and cilantro. Several starter options, including the kimchi plate or the popcorn chicken, stand out. Spend your turn on the (very) not very tasty tofu. To wash it all down, dare the homemade iced tea, a Chinese or Thai beer (depending on arrivals at the SAQ).

Starting at $9 for 12 dumplings, this is a rare option for eating well without breaking the bank, a real luxury in these times of inflation. Note that there are often crowds. This certainly explains it. Open every day.



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