The Francouvertes final will take place on Monday evening at Club Soda. A short portrait of the three finalists and their surprising and atypical journey, while waiting to see them soon on stage.

Host is the project of Marc-André Dupaul, 31 years old. “I know, I’m the oldest of the finalists by far!” laughs the musician, who has worked for a long time as a photographer and videographer in the music industry and who, in his early twenties, was part of a folk group. “I’ve done music before, but I was very stuck… I had to do a lot of personal work to re-emerge. But I made peace with all that, and there, I am ready to show what it is in full, Marc-André Dupaul. »

If he chose the name Host, it was because he liked its double meaning. “A host is one who receives, or those who are received. It’s interesting, this report, we can be the host of so many things. If you don’t open up, you’re going to defend yourself against it all your life. In his songs, the singer-songwriter tries to find meaning in his dreams, in a rather hovering atmosphere. “These are images, archetypes, symbols that are dear to me, which I superimpose on a groove halfway between the DJ set and the rock show. »

Marc-André Dupaul, who released an EP in 2020, Lune en verseau, tried his luck at the Francouvertes for the 2021 edition, but was not selected. “It seems like my adventure with the Francouvertes started two years ago, when I was turned down,” he says. “Here, I come with something that has macerated, I went in there with the flame, telling myself that I had something to look for in this experience, as confronting and heartbreaking as a competition can be. be. »

The singer, who is surrounded by a group of four musicians, can’t wait for everything to be over, and above all… to give a show at Club Soda! “Doing shows in a context of competitiveness is not stress-free. But the rest of us, it’s like we’ve already won: from the start, it’s been a surprise, show after show. He hopes that the final will give him the visibility and the means to continue making music. “I think we can bring different sounds to the ears of French-speaking music fans. We don’t make ideas, but we have projects, and we go for it. »

Rau Ze is first and foremost the duo formed by singer Rose Perron and multi-instrumentalist Félix Paul, who met at Cégep de Saint-Laurent four years ago, when she was 17 and he , 21 years old. “We are an artistic couple,” says Félix. They cut their teeth doing “cover gigs” in Montreal bars, where they mostly played pop and jazz. The group was born… the day before the candidacies for the Francouvertes. Then we had to find musicians, four friends who had been playing with them for years. “Rau Ze is the two of us,” Rose said. But we couldn’t be the two of us without being the six of us. »

“Since we’ve known each other, we knew we wanted to come up with an original music project,” says Félix. After a few attempts at English, they chose French because it’s “closer to the everyday poetry” of their lives, and they’re “in love with the Franco scene in Quebec.” Their intense songs are tinged with jazz, but they mostly love the mixes and describe their music as soulful trip hop. And Rose, with her charisma and her energy, is the natural leader of the group. “Rose, the reason I’ve never let her go is that not only is she a phenomenal singer who has intuition, but as soon as you see her, you feel like she’s around. it gravitates. Where you go musically, we want to follow you, and you have this magnetism on stage too. »

Les Francouvertes was really the kick-off for the group, which does not even have an EP to its credit. “I think we were more excited to know we were taken than to win our semi-final! exclaims Felix. This is what makes their journey to the final even more surprising, especially since they have also already received 11 prizes, a veritable avalanche that left Rose speechless. “Surprise is recognition, I think,” she said. That’s crazy! A professional and financial pat on the back that makes them want to keep going: Rau Ze now dreams of opening for bands he loves, and the band will give it their all for the final. “We’re going to stay ourselves, says Félix, the winning recipe we have, and improve it. »

Emile Bourgault learned the piano very young, but it was at 12, when he started playing the guitar, that he began to compose songs. At 18, the young singer-songwriter already has two EPs under his belt and admits to being “a bit hyperactive” in creation and music. “But I’m still learning about it all. »

Émile Bourgault crafts pop rock songs and has a definite gift for catchy melodies. His lyrics talk about him and what he feels, which he doesn’t do much in life. “There are more important things than talking about me. Music is not an outlet, but a way to bring out what is not so good, and put it in a work that stands. “Singing in French was imposed … because he hardly speaks English, he says, laughing. “It’s a beautiful language, the most natural way to express myself, and the richest with what I have as assets. »

It was Emile Bourgault’s first time entering a competition, and days before the final, he felt “overwhelmed”. “I went to see all the shows, what talent there was in these 21 artists and groups. He did not expect to get this far, and is especially happy to know that his music has been able to reach people. “That was my goal!” Victory is not something that interests me. I just want to give the best show possible, so that the people who discovered us during the course are happy to see us again. »

Émile Bourgault left CEGEP to focus on his career, because he felt “the deep need” to do this full time. The Francouvertes adventure proves to him that he made the right choice. “I’m sure I want to grow in this environment. Anyway, I have nothing else. I have to do that. Yes, that’s it, I have to do that. It’s the only way I can totally be happy in lightness, and express myself. I just want to take the opportunities that are given to me, and go after them, and do as much as possible to make a living from it one day. We have to focus on that. »


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