France’s anti-terrorist public prosecutor’s office has launched investigations into Interpol chief Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi following allegations of torture by two Britons. An investigating judge has been investigating alleged aiding and abetting of torture since the end of March, according to judicial circles on Wednesday.

The French judiciary had previously opened preliminary investigations into suspected torture against al-Raisi in another case involving a human rights activist from the Emirates. “I had long feared that al-Raisi and his men, who did this to me, would go unpunished,” said Ali Issa Ahmad on Wednesday after testifying before the responsible investigating judge in Paris.

The Briton accuses al-Raisi of being responsible for the torture he was subjected to in 2019 in custody in the Emirates when he was inspector general of the interior ministry of the United Arab Emirates.

The French judiciary can also punish serious crimes committed outside France if the alleged perpetrators are in France. Al-Raisi is said to have been to Lyon, where Interpol is based, several times since the beginning of the year.


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