A passenger with no flying experience has successfully landed a private plane in Florida after the pilot became ill. The events, reported by CNN, occurred this Tuesday afternoon.

In an audio obtained by the chain, the passenger is heard telling the air traffic control services through the aircraft’s radio that he does not know how to fly a plane, but that the situation was “serious”. “My pilot is unwell and I have no idea how to fly a plane,” he says.

At that moment, an air traffic controller began giving him instructions on how to land the plane so that he could do so at the Palm Beach International Airport in Florida. In the audio you can hear the controller tell you over the radio to try to keep the wings level and to push the controls of the aircraft forward and down very slowly, so that the plane begins its descent. “Try following the coastline north or south, we’re trying to locate you,” he added.

Meanwhile, another air traffic controller told the planes that were in the same area what was happening.

Finally, the passenger managed to land the private aircraft successfully. It was a Cessna 208 plane in which two passengers were traveling, in addition to the pilot, whose health status is unknown although, as confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration in a statement also collected by CNN, he suffered a “possible problem medical”.

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