Police officers, firefighters, employees of the public order office and employees of the state-owned clinics Vivantes and Charité will soon no longer have to pay parking fees in Berlin if they work in shifts. Traffic Senator Bettina Jarasch (Greens) and Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) agreed on this, as announced on Thursday. First the “B.Z.” reported.

The innovation could be introduced as early as the middle of this year. Exemption from parking fees should be granted by the districts on application for all employees in the state who receive a rotating shift or hardship allowance. A fee exemption for a certain parking zone at the respective workplace is planned.

Jarasch told the “B.Z.” that she hopes that employers such as Vivantes and Charité could simply submit a list of authorized employees to the responsible district in the future: “That would be unbureaucratic for the individual.” Shift workers who are not employed by the state, According to the two administrations, “as before, you have the opportunity to submit an individual application for a parking fee waiver with proof of your own working hours”.

With the agreement, the Greens and SPD are removing an inner-coalition stumbling block related to the agreed increase in parking fees in the capital. In the coalition agreement, the Greens pushed through a significant increase in resident parking fees from ten to 120 euros a year and an increase in short-term parking rates.

The SPD had long resisted such plans, citing, among other things, the disadvantages for public sector employees. Employer Spranger was satisfied with the exception that had now been negotiated. According to the announcement, the new parking fee ordinance can also be prepared and passed in the Senate with the discretionary guidelines that the transport administration is currently developing for the districts to issue special permits.



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