He is one more figure from civil society who could well dive into the deep end of politics. As reported by Le Figaro on Friday May 6, Guillaume Rozier, whose face became familiar to the French during the health crisis after he created CovidTracker and ViteMaDose, could soon become involved in the political life of the country, even if his role is not fully defined.

“If I am more effective in civil society, I would be happy. And if I am more efficient within the State, I would be happy too, “explains Guillaume Rozier to our colleagues, before assuring that if we” ask him “, he will “study the question “. While the Ministry of Health has been full of praise for his notable initiatives during the Covid-19 epidemic and he has been promoted to Knight of the National Order of Merit by Emmanuel Macron , the young engineer believes he can bring his stone to the building to enable France to initiate a digital revolution.

“The digital revolution brings new threats, but also opportunities. We must take advantage of them rather than suffer them, “said the man who identified the three points where the nation needed to improve in this area: education and training, strategic independence and inclusive and ecological responsibility.

Le Figaro also points out that Guillaume Rozier was one, alongside 80 elected officials and digital players, of the signatories of a forum calling for the position of Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, currently occupied by Cédric O, to be replaced by “a full-fledged digital ministry”. According to them, digital is today “as certain historical evidence” as the climate emergency was in the 1970s, when the Ministry of the Environment was created by Georges Pompidou.



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