Live ten years longer – that’s possible, say German nutrition experts. All you have to do is change your diet. That is why they are now developing the “Menu of the Future”.

Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are fitter, less ill and less tired. And he lives longer. More and more studies are pointing to this. According to experts at what they claim to be the largest network for nutrition, Nutrition Hub, a balanced and plant-based diet has the potential to add ten years to anyone’s lifespan. The ecotrophologists, together with experts from the Federal Center for Nutrition, took this insight as an opportunity to develop the “Menu of the Future”.

In it, they describe how our society must change in order to live healthily in the long term. On the one hand, food producers and cities are in demand. But each individual can also make a difference when cooking at home. We present the “menu” of the nutrition experts.

“The future tastes good” is one of the introductory sentences of the menu. “It tastes good to us humans, to our society, to health and to the climate.” In the desired future, diet-related diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases will hardly be an issue anymore, write the nutrition experts. “We live longer, healthier and happier lives. We have successfully faced up to climate change. Industry and politics contribute to this. With sustainable and ecologically and economically sensible offers. And all of this has an impact on our happiness in life.”

According to the scientists, what we prepare at home and how we do it plays a significant role. This allows us to influence our health ourselves. In order to eat healthily and thus extend your life, three points are particularly important:

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The production of our food, on the other hand, is not directly in our hands. The scientists are aiming for the following points:

According to the scientists, the cityscape will also change if we want to eat healthily and live longer in the future. This requires the following changes:

“The sooner this diet is implemented, the longer we live,” the researchers write. There are already numerous efforts in the right direction, both by companies and by individuals. “Good food makes life a lot better for all of us,” they sum up. “We decide when that future is a reality.”

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