Adrián was out of his mind when the Civil Guard agents arrived at the family home where his parents were dead. Manuel and Paloma had multiple stab wounds. They were in bed. The 31-year-old could not link one sentence to another and his state of nervousness made any approach by the investigators impossible.

The health services that had come to the elegant home on the outskirts of Brihuega (Guadalajara) where Paloma and Manuel spent weekends and vacations decided to admit him to the city’s psychiatric ward. This Wednesday he entered prison for parricide.

The magistrate charges him with two crimes of homicide with the possibility of modifying them to murders as the investigation progresses. Paloma and Manuel, 62 and 69 years old respectively, were originally from Brihuega but lived in Madrid with Adrián. Several months ago she had transferred her pharmacy from Vallecas.

Since then, he had intensified his stay in the town, to which he traveled punctually with Manuel every Friday. Sometimes Adrián, who lived with them, accompanied them, although he stayed in an adjoining house on the same plot.

The relationship of the young man with his parents was convulsive. Adrián has a psychiatric history and had already been involved in some altercations, according to detailed sources of the investigation. However, it is not yet known for sure what happened in the family home or the exact day of the crimes. Adrian has not declared.

On Monday, around 4:00 p.m., a neighbor called the emergency number after Adrián, very nervous, told him that he had found his parents dead “in a pool of blood” in his home. An ambulance and a Civil Guard patrol traveled to the place indicated by the neighbor. They were only able to certify the two deaths – the investigators analyze whether they had been deceased longer – and check the condition of the young man.

A day later, the investigators took him to the house registry from the hospital and when he finished, they arrested him. The judge sent him to jail this Wednesday. Adrián is the youngest of the two sons of Manuel and Paloma, who also had a 40-year-old daughter, who was not with them in Brihuega at the time of the event.

The young man was trained as a senior technician in Social Integration -a FP module- at the Salesians in Madrid and in 2016 he did 10 months of internships at a youth center in the García Noblejas neighborhood in Madrid. There he worked with minors between the ages of six and 17 in situations of risk and social exclusion, according to what he himself collected in his resume. His mission included “direct responsibility with minors; daily and individual follow-up of each minor and carry out their final evaluation; help them with daily tasks and maintain contact with the family».

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