Doreen Dietel’s latest post is a very special one: the actress looks up thoughtfully, in a second photo you can see her left breast. Naked. It is only covered by her hand – and a bandage. Because the 47-year-old had to be operated on. Diagnosis? Black Skincancer.

“It all started with a MAL,” writes Doreen on Instagram. She was at the skin screening at 6.30 p.m. on Monday and was already “under the knife” at 8 a.m. the next morning. The reason: A mole on the left breast, just “pin size”, turned out to be black skin cancer. Now it was time to act quickly! The reality star was locally anesthetized, the birthmark and surrounding tissue were removed extensively and deeply – three to four more operations have to follow. Why does the actress speak so publicly about it? “To wake you up out there.”

The mother of an eight-year-old son knows how many girls like to bask in the sun. “It looks so sexy when you’re tanned, I know,” admits Doreen. It is all the more important to have increased and conspicuous birthmarks examined by a doctor. “Please check regularly! Don’t ignore those little black spots. They can be deadly bastards, ”is Doreen’s call – which is already having an effect.

“I absolutely have to have my birthmarks looked at,” writes athlete Mockenhaupt-Gregor (45) under the post. One fan admits, “I’ve been putting it off for so long.” In the story, Doreen even shares messages from young girls who immediately booked an appointment for a skin screening based on their post. And how is the actress? “I’m fine,” she writes in her Instagram story. The bandage has already been changed and the doctor is very satisfied with the result. We keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way!

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