Entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is likely to become the next owner of Twitter, has declared that he will allow Donald Trump to return to the social network. Musk, who made the remarks at an event organized by the Financial Times, has called Twitter’s decision to permanently expel Trump “stupid” as well as “morally wrong.”

The former president of the United States was expelled from the platform in January 2021, after his supporters stormed the United States Congress in an attempt to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden’s electoral victory in the elections held two months earlier. Trump has also been banned from Facebook, although that network will review the former president’s ban in June of next year. Trump has declared that, even if Twitter accepts him, he will not return to the platform, on which he built much of his political career as an advocate of the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Musk, true to form, did not go into detail about how he would lift the ban on Trump. He simply said “I would lift the permanent ban, we shouldn’t have permanent bans.” The businessman stated that the ban on the then-president still posting posts on Twitter did not serve “to silence Trump’s voice.” Before the opposite. “He amplified it to the right. And that’s why it’s morally wrong and totally stupid,” he concluded.

Musk has launched a purchase offer worth 44,000 million dollars (almost 42,000 million euros) for Twitter, after which he will be the main shareholder. According to The Wall Street Journal, the plan of the founder of the electric car company Tesla and the space travel company SpaceX is to make a Twitter IPO in three years.

Musk made the remarks at an auto industry conference where he repeated again that Tesla will bring fully autonomous cars to market in the coming months, a promise he has been repeating since 2014.

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