Among the numerous polluting and pointless energy-consuming tendencies people have is that of photographing their food. Federal Digitization Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) rightly pointed this out at the end of a meeting of G7 digitization ministers in Düsseldorf.

That was the right place because their department is politically responsible for fashion food pictures, which are 100 percent related to the digital photo function of smartphones. This is an assertion that is being made without verification because its correctness results from the reverse conclusion. Or has anyone ever photographed dumplings, Kassler and compote with an analog camera for showcasing purposes, brought the film to the drugstore, picked up the pictures a week later and then shown them to friends? Please do not.

Digital policy, regulation, artificial intelligence: the briefing on digitization

This digital so-called food photo generation consumes (sic!) a lot of electricity, which according to Wissing hardly anyone thinks about. The energy consumption is so enormous that he himself was shocked when he heard the number. Unfortunately, Wissing could not name the number. But even if: The climate damage of the food photo does not end there. Such a culinary motif triggers something when it is posted through the digital network. Longing or envy if it remains climate-neutral, but in the worst case: appetite.

And then perhaps people who just thought a piece of crispbread spread with a thin layer of margarine would be enough for supper are incited to eat dumplings, Kassler and compote instead, which they have to prepare using a stove, pan and oven. Ultimately, to reject everything flatly in terms of energy policy.

And they might even drive to the supermarket in the car to buy the missing ingredients, which would make the catastrophe perfect, even without the mass animal husbandry ecological balance sheet messes (again sic!) even starting here.

In this context, the editors plead guilty to having emailed Volker Wissing’s ministry an inquiry, which was also not without energy consumption, in order to ask the alarming number that the minister was not present at his statement. She sees the fact that there was no answer by the time these lines were written as a global effort by the government to reduce its share of the trend towards useless escalation of energy consumption.


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