“Capitano” Michael Ballack is also concerned about the summer of transfers. With regard to FC Bayern, the former world-class player sees problems for the German champions.

Danger of upheaval: At his former club FC Bayern Munich, Michael Ballack (45) sees the danger that older players like Thomas Müller (32), Manuel Neuer (36) and Robert Lewandowski (33) will be held on for too long. The contracts with the service providers are all to be extended.

Quality is declining: Ballack, who now appears as a TV expert, said in “Sport Bild”: “These are aging players, they don’t have to – but could in the near future – pose a problem. Because most of the time, a player loses some quality as they get older.”

Position important: “On the other hand, the importance and position of these players should not be underestimated. They were and are important for the structure and hierarchy of the team,” added Ballack, who believes Lewandowski will be able to play “at the current level for a while longer”.

Short, compact, clear

Short, compact, clear



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