Amber Heard (36) has failed in an attempt to submit a photo to the court that is intended to document an injury to her lip – allegedly by a punch from ex-husband Johnny Depp (58). According to the US portal “TMZ”, his team raised an objection, and the judge granted it. The reason: Heard and her lawyers had never mentioned the photo before during the investigation.

But now the picture has been leaked to TMZ. It shows Amber Heard with a small bloody tear on her bottom lip, looking at the camera and holding up a note that reads “I’ll be back…xxx”. The message is said to have come from Johnny Depp.

Was the picture really taken after Depp is said to have hit his then-wife on a bloody lip? In court, Heard testified: “[…] He wears many rings. I remember well how my lip came against my teeth and there was a bit of blood on the wall.”

Depp’s team told “TMZ” that the photo was from 2012. Amber Heard, however, claimed in 2020 in the trial between her ex and the tabloid “The Sun” that Depp first became violent in 2013. “TMZ” claims to have checked the metadata of the photo and confirms that it was made in 2012.

However, a source from Heard’s circle is said to have explained that the actress got confused with the dates at the time. Documents from her therapist would prove that the first violent confrontations happened as early as 2012.

In the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, an explosive list is now used as evidence. On this, Amber’s psychologist held the former lovers of her client. Also present: Tesla co-founder Elon Musk.

Boris Becker is said to already be enjoying a celebrity bonus in Wandsworth prison. At least that’s what insider information from the “Bild” newspaper says. Not only was the tennis legend allowed to have his door open during the day – he was also able to make more calls than usual on his first day.

Carsten Maschmeyer has had a check with him for two seasons, which he can fill out if necessary and hand over without a deal. In the sixth episode it was time.

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