The Robert Koch Institute sees an increase in influenza infections at the same time as the number of corona infections is declining. The nationwide seven-day incidence continued to fall significantly in the past week compared to the previous week, namely by 21 percent, as can be seen from the RKI weekly report on Thursday evening.

Many hospitalization indicators and also the number of deaths have recently continued to decrease. With almost half a million Covid 19 cases transmitted to the RKI in the last week, the infection pressure remains high.

At the same time, in addition to the ongoing Covid-19 events, there is a significant increase in influenza infections, especially among children between the ages of five and 14, the experts write.

“In the case of symptoms of a newly occurring respiratory disease (cold, sore throat, cough), regardless of the vaccination status and pathogen detection, we recommend: avoiding contacts in order not to spread infections and to protect risk groups,” it says on Twitter.


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