Klaus Püschel is considered one of the best-known forensic pathologists in Germany. He is now retired and publishes non-fiction and crime fiction. Now he has written about golf – and why you can die doing it.

Her new book is called “Death in Golf – Strange and Murderous in the Most Beautiful Minority in the World”. A collection of true death anecdotes that unfold around the golf course. Why there? I don’t play golf, but I’ve always been active and interested in sports. Before I got into forensic medicine, I wanted to be a sports medicine doctor. The love of sport stayed. For years I’ve studied dead people who died playing sports. In theory, I could have written about people who died in football or boxing. But what my co-author Bettina Mittelacher and I found most interesting about golf was that there were so many deaths, and above all such absurd ones.



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