‘The Rock’, a 228.31-carat white diamond, the largest ever auctioned, has been sold for 18.7 million dollars (about 17.7 million euros), far from a record in its category.

The auction was held in a hotel in Geneva in a room that was packed due to the expectations that this exceptional stone, larger than a golf ball, had aroused.

Before the auction, it was estimated that it would fetch $30 million. “It’s a pear-shaped diamond,” said Max Fawcett, head of the jewelry department at Christie’s auction house in Geneva, who explained that the stone weighs just over 45 grams.

The Christie’s expert has highlighted that “in the world there are only a handful of diamonds of this size and quality.” This large diamond was mined in South Africa in the early 2000s. Before going up for auction it was displayed in Dubai, Taipei and New York.

Diamond prices have soared in recent months due to “geopolitical problems” such as the war in Russia and Ukraine and the inflation of raw materials, including precious stones, Fawcett explained.

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