“From Monday May 16, wearing a mask will no longer be compulsory in all public transport,” said Mr. Véran at the end of the Council of Ministers. Are concerned in particular the subway, the bus, the train, the plane and the taxis, specified the cabinet of the ministry to the AFP.

“Wearing a mask is still recommended but is no longer compulsory”, he said, judging that this constraint was “no longer appropriate” while the current wave of Covid-19 is in the process of decreasing sharply in the world. country.

Contaminations and hospitalizations are currently down sharply, even if scientists warn that the epidemic is probably not over, especially in the face of the threat of a new variant.

For the time being, the government’s announcement marks the lifting of the last major restriction decreed by the authorities in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic which had hit France, like its European neighbors, more than two years ago.

At the start of 2022, the government notably ended the obligation to present a vaccination pass, attesting to having been vaccinated against Covid, to access multiple places, including public transport, restaurants and cinemas.

After the end of the mask in transport, some restrictions will still be maintained. A “health” pass – distinct from the vaccine pass because it also works in the event of a recent negative test – will remain required to access health establishments, and isolation of at least one week will always be imposed after a positive test.

At the hospital level, unvaccinated caregivers, who cannot currently exercise their activity, will not be reinstated immediately, but the government will ask itself the question.

“We will have to re-examine ourselves regularly,” said Mr. Véran, expressing his intention to seek the opinion of the High Authority for Health (HAS) on the subject soon.

Finally, the Minister raised the possibility of a new vaccination booster campaign in the fall, but refrained from giving any details, stressing that everything would depend on the appearance of new variants and their profile more or less dangerous or resistant to existing vaccines.



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