The former “Bachelor” candidate Yeliz Koc (28) adorns the cover of the new “Playboy”. The revealing shots were taken just a few months after the birth of their daughter Snow Elanie. “I wanted (…) to show that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body after a pregnancy. We brought a miracle into the world and a change in the body is irrelevant,” says Koc of the “Bild”.

But that’s not the only reason why the half-Turkish woman exposed herself for the magazine. The 28-year-old continues: “I (…) also wanted to make a statement that no matter what nationality you have, you should do what you feel like doing.”

Her Turkish father does not yet know anything about the Playboy shoot. “I’m curious to see how he reacts. But of course I hope that he will be proud. ”The ex-girlfriend of actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30), on the other hand, expects other reactions from some social media users. Because in the past she has received hate messages because of bikini posts on Instagram: “Of course there are always people who criticize me. Especially the Turkish side.”

When asked about her relationship status in “Playboy”, the influencer replies: “Paco and I feel like we’re sticking together for 24 hours. But we’re still getting to know each other and don’t yet know where it’s going.” “Paco” is Paco Herb (26), whom she met while filming the RTL2 format “Kampf der Realitystars”.

And further: “If it becomes something permanent, it should of course last for a longer period of time, preferably forever – that’s why we take our time. But he definitely gets along great with my daughter.”

With Jimi Blue, on the other hand, she and Snow Elanie currently have no regular contact, quotes “Bild” Koc: “He doesn’t get in touch and doesn’t ask how my daughter is doing. I hope that will change.”

In the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, an explosive list is now used as evidence. On this, Amber’s psychologist held the former lovers of her client. Also present: Tesla co-founder Elon Musk.

Boris Becker is said to already be enjoying a celebrity bonus in Wandsworth prison. At least that’s what insider information from the “Bild” newspaper says. Not only was the tennis legend allowed to have his door open during the day – he was also able to make more calls than usual on his first day.

Carsten Maschmeyer has had a check with him for two seasons, which he can fill out if necessary and hand over without a deal. In the sixth episode it was time.

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