The cousin of the mayor of Madrid has appeared this Thursday as a witness before the judge investigating the sale to the city council of the capital of sanitary material. Carlos Martínez-Almeida has declared that his intervention consisted solely of providing Luis Medina with a generic email from the General Coordination of the Mayor’s Office, whose person in charge he knew.

The witness has not involved José Luis Martínez-Almeida in the efforts for the two investigated -Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño- to contact the person in charge of the purchases. According to her account, she received a call from her friend María Díaz de la Cebosa, president of CIS University, who told her that a former student, Luis Medina, was looking for a contact at the city hall to offer medical supplies.

Medina and Carlos Martínez-Almeida spoke and he provided the email address of the General Coordination of the Mayor’s Office ( The person in charge of it is Matilde García, whom the mayor’s cousin has said that he had known for years. According to her statement, it was with her that he contacted, not with her cousin, her mayor, whom he imagined very busy in those first weeks of the pandemic.

The statement has not finished clearing the route of the accused Medina today to contact the high position of the city council, with whom Luceño finally negotiated the sale. This is Elena Collado, who testified as a witness before the Prosecutor’s Office and whom the popular accusations want to interrogate as investigated. The judge initially summoned her as a witness but postponed the interrogation and she has yet to rule again on the condition in which she will appear.

The negotiations with the city council ended up reporting to Medina a million dollars in commissions for the sale of masks, an operation that was followed by the sale of gloves and coronavirus tests.

Martínez-Almeida has appeared as a witness despite the appeal in which the Madrid socialists, who exercise the popular accusation, had appealed the refusal of the investigating judge to testify as an investigator.

As a witness, Martínez-Almeida was required to answer all questions. According to sources present in the statement, the judge in the case, Adolfo Carretero, has questioned him, as well as popular accusations such as the socialists and Más Madrid. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Luis Rodríguez Sol has not questioned nor has the City Council itself, who appeared in the case as injured.

One question has remained unanswered. The lawyer of Más Madrid wanted the witness to report her mobile phone, for possible future diligence. The witness has resisted giving it and the judge has concluded that it was not necessary.

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