British researchers want to have found out at what age you should better do without the popular jeans. We explain what the study is all about and how you should classify the results.

When new studies are published, people are usually happy about a new development that hopefully enriches life. From time to time, however, studies appear that are difficult to classify.

An example: A British study is intended to show the age at which people are too old for the ever-popular pair of jeans.

According to the study by the parcel and returns company “CollectPlus”, there is a clear answer to this question: Yes, you can be too old for the classic trousers. As soon as the magical age of 53 is crossed, you should rather reach for other fabrics and part with your jeans.

Incidentally, the study did not examine the figure of the female and male test subjects, which can certainly be a bit fuller with increasing age – but they focused on other aspects.

The main question of the study mainly dealt with the length of the perfect pair of jeans. It takes an average of five days to find the perfect pair of jeans. And it gets even worse: Six percent of the participants ended their jeans search in tears.

However, the study leaves unanswered whether desperation about the clothing stores or the wasted time when looking for a suitable pair of trousers were the decisive factors.

However, the conclusion of the study is clear: from the age of 53 you should stay away from jeans. The risk of despairing when looking for the perfect pair of jeans is too high. The researchers also provide a culprit: the fashion industry.

Above all, models are produced that look good on thin dolls in the shop window, but not on real people themselves.

The study may have gone off without a hitch, but you shouldn’t take the results too seriously. First of all, it is only a statistical finding. Secondly, the days of being told what to wear are long gone.

For this reason: do not take this study too seriously, but trust your own feelings. If you are an avid wearer of jeans, then keep wearing them with enthusiasm.

If the jeans you love ever break, feel free to buy a new pair. Even if the search may take a little longer – you are never too old for the comfort and coolness of jeans.


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