The Facebook group Meta has released an update for its extremely popular messenger Whatsapp. Users can now react to messages even more easily. In addition, the service can now also be used to send large files.

A heart, a thumbs up or hands folded in thanks: Whatsapp introduces the possibility of reacting to messages with emojis. All you have to do is press and hold the message in question to see a palette of emojis that can be placed immediately below the message as a reply. The range is to be expanded in the near future, as reported by the Meta subsidiary Whatsapp.

According to the company, emoji reactions are useful for “reacting to messages quickly and humorously without contributing to an information overload.” Messenger competitors such as Signal have long offered emoji reactions as a feature.

Whatsapp has also increased the possible total size of files that can be sent in one message to two gigabytes (2048 megabytes). Previously, the maximum was only 100 megabytes.

A counter with the remaining transmission time for uploading or downloading is also new. For very large files, users should make sure that they are connected to a WLAN.

The third and last Whatsapp innovation is a gradual expansion of the maximum number of participants in groups – up to 512 people.

Whatsapp has started distributing the three new features. However, they do not all come at once, but gradually reach the users.


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