When Niklas Süle left FC Bayern, there were mixed feelings in the ranks. The national player, who switched to BVB, wants to say goodbye to the Munich supporters after his last home game – but some fans react differently than hoped.

Bad words: That was it for Niklas Süle at Bayern. The national player has his last home game behind him: against Stuttgart, Süle comes on about half an hour before the end. After the game and the awarding of the championship trophy, Süle wants to say goodbye to the annex. As “Sport1” reports in a log of the last home game, Bayern fans would have reacted with “BVB Hurensöhne” singing when the Bald-Dortmunder climbed the fence.

No comment: Süle, who was mostly held in high esteem by the fans in Munich, then grabbed a microphone and then shouted “Mia San Mia” again, which was then applauded by the fans. Later, when Süle left the arena for the last time as a Bayern player and was approached by reporters, he only said that he didn’t want to say anything.

Always champions: Süle moved from Hoffenheim to Munich in the summer of 2017 and has played 171 times for Bayern in five years, 114 of them in the Bundesliga. During that time, Süle scored seven goals and won the German championship in each of his five years.

Short, compact, clear

VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

05/14/2022 | 3:30 p.m

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