(Montreal) With 17 points out of a possible 21 in the team’s last seven games, an atmosphere of total happiness emerges from those around CF Montreal. Perhaps like never before, if not in the recent past.

That’s not to say head coach Wilfried Nancy isn’t on his toes. In fact, he looks just as good as when his club’s portrait and record weren’t so eloquent.

After CF Montreal’s sparkling 4-1 win over Orlando City SC last Saturday at Stade Saputo, it didn’t take long to find some praise reserved for the Montreal squad.

They were on the front page of the MLS website and came from journalist Matt Doyle, who called the team “legit contenders”.

These are compliments to which the Montreal organization has not often been entitled in the past. They are undoubtedly deserved when you consider that CF Montreal has just set a team record with seven consecutive games without losses (5-0-2).

“If I said otherwise, I would be lying. We are human beings, I am a human being too. It’s always fun to see what’s going on right now. If they wrote it down, it’s a fact, for now,” Nancy replied Thursday afternoon after his players’ practice, when he was asked how much a such recognition could do good.

However, his analysis is accompanied by a message that goes back to the essentials.

“As I told the players, we take advantage of this moment. But at the same time, we continue to work because we know, in difficult times, that we will have to remain strong as we were at the start of the year. »

CF Montreal’s record streak helped propel the team to third in the Eastern Conference standings, just two points behind the top tier and the Philadelphia Union.

In fact, J. Sam Jones, another contributor to the MLS website, placed CF Montreal fourth in the “power ranking”, a weekly ranking that is used to evaluate Garber Circuit teams based on their performance. and the adversaries they have faced.

Jones considers CF Montreal to be part of an elite group in the Eastern Conference, along with Philadelphia and the two teams from the greater New York area, and believes he is not about to be dislodged there.

Now it remains to be seen if CF Montreal is just beginning an ascent to the highest peaks in MLS.

Nancy does not have a crystal ball. But anyway, it is not in his nature to project himself forward and venture down such avenues.

“I live in the present moment, and the present moment, we ‘kif, kif’, it means that we like what is happening. Afterwards, I am not crazy. What we do is very good “The players feel it. What we were doing at the start of the year was good too, but we weren’t winning. There, we are winning games,” Nancy recalled.

That said, Nancy recognizes that the energy within her group is good at the moment.

“Of course when you win, the energy is always more interesting. But honestly, when we lost the matches, the energy was good. Except that, as a coach with the staff, we were trying to find the right levers to use, ”Nancy remarked.

“When we win, it’s a little easier for me to be even more specific about certain things. When we lose, the players know that they have lost. They know that maybe they didn’t do some things right. I have to qualify my words while being demanding, but being close to them. »

Nancy explained the kind of levers he uses depending on the context.

“The levers is what tool I will use. Am I going to be firm on something? Am I going to make more videos? Am I going to talk a little more? Am I going to be a little looser on certain actions? A trainer, at least for me how I take it, is to use the right tools at the right time. »



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