Last December, Novatech acquired its largest Canadian competitor, Toronto-based Sunview Patio Doors. This addition of 220 employees makes the company the leading patio door manufacturer in the country.

Sunview will now be known as Novatech Patio Doors Ontario. Adding this acquisition to those made in recent years, brings the number of Novatech employees to 1,400, up from 680 just four years ago.

The Quebec manufacturer, whose head office is located in Sainte-Julie and which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, now has a dozen facilities in Canada, three in the United States and one in France.

“In addition to acquisitions, our growth strategy involves the development of new products,” explains Harold Savard, CEO. We do a lot of innovation. I would say that 20% of our sales come from products that did not exist four years ago. Our current strategy is also to increase our sales outside Quebec. There is still room to grow in Canada and the United States. »

The company has four major product families: decorative doorglass, steel panels for making doors, patio doors, and glass for making windows or showers.

Obviously, the current effervescence of the real estate and renovation market is a good time for the company. However, its business has been disrupted by supply chain turmoil, as is the case for many in the manufacturing sector right now.

“We were affected, among other things, by a big cold snap in Texas in 2020,” he adds. This caused the closure of a chemical plant producing a component needed for polyurethane that is used to insulate doors. There has been a scarcity in polyurethane. »

To adjust to these circumstances, the company is trying to keep larger inventories. In addition, having several factories allows them to help each other.

As with everything else, these factors have still resulted in some price hike for the consumer. But unlike products whose life is short-lived, doors and windows are an investment, believes the CEO of Novatech, which once again ranks among Deloitte’s best-managed companies.

“If you put a nice door in your house, you enhance its value,” he says. It is not a product that will have to be changed after a few months. It lasts a long time and creates value in a building. »

“Novatech has a very strong culture of innovation, continuous improvement and resilience. The COVID-19 crisis has caused turbulence, but we have always been used to reacting to change,” said Harold Savard, CEO of the company.


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