In 2009, when GSoft launched ShareGate, a tool to simplify the management of Microsoft 365 which now includes Teams, then Officevibe in 2013 to measure employee engagement, no one thought that one day a pandemic would make companies dependent on this kind of software because of telecommuting. Since then, GSoft has always continued to evolve its products, and it expanded the family last fall by launching Softstart, a platform to facilitate the onboarding of new employees.

“Regular HR tools allow you to sign employment contracts, but there are several other things to do when welcoming a new employee, such as giving them the right information about the company, getting them to understand who does what and, above all, allowing him to connect with his colleagues: these are very human challenges, and this is what Softstart allows to do remotely”, explains Simon De Baene, president and co-founder of GSoft, met in the large office rather empty of the company at the edge of the canal of Lachine.

GSoft had however invested a lot before the pandemic in its physical space with, in particular, an auditorium and a skateboard ramp. “At the time, we believed in it, but things have changed,” says the entrepreneur simply. We announced in August 2020 that we were becoming a remote first company because we believe this is the path to becoming a better company. »

Being the first user of its products, GSoft is therefore well placed to improve them continuously. It has also just added a recognition component to Officevibe.

As the company now has 300 employees and passed the milestone of 100 million annual revenues in 2021 thanks to clients in around 100 countries, Simon De Baene went to find a general manager, Martin Gourdeau. The move allows him to focus on the vision and strategy for the now 16-year-old company so it can continue to reinvent itself.

“In the GSoft Innovation Lab, we build the company’s future products,” he says. We are working on two new ones in 2022, again to improve the employee experience. »

To have the means for its ambitions, recruitment remains a challenge for GSoft. “In Quebec, the company is known, but in the rest of Canada, visibility remains to be built,” says the 36-year-old president, who intends to invest the necessary efforts to shine from coast to coast.

GSoft has been on Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies list since 2017.

“We hire people from all over Canada and our employees will never have to come into the office again,” says Simon De Baene. Our way of collaborating now goes through technologies. We also allow them to work from abroad six months a year. It works because the expectations are clear and because our employees are responsible and autonomous. You also have to give yourself the right to trust people even if the human is suspicious by nature. And even if sometimes it doesn’t work. Many companies are paralyzed because they don’t trust. You have to take risks. »


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