Artitalia recently took a leap into the future by designing the first self-service, unstaffed kiosk for Denim Society at Carrefour Laval. The customer was able to see and touch certain items and shop online with touch screens. Thanks to the Addobox smart locker, the customer received a notification allowing him to recover, with a simple code, his purchase once the item was delivered.

This pop-up store is just one example, as Artitalia has several projects in the retail and restaurant sectors. Along with its smart mailboxes, executives are working to prototype contactless in-restaurant ordering with shopping automation.

“We are also developing an automated machine to help employees with cigarettes. This will facilitate inventory and it is a way to optimize space by putting a nice display on screens,” explains Enzo Vardaro.

The ideas of Artitalia, established in the east of Montreal, make their mark with giants like Amazon, Walmart, McDonald’s, Canada Post and others. “We have four main markets: Retail, Hospitality and Restaurants, Material Handling, and Mail and Parcel. We offer personalized solutions to our clients. We offer modern designs. If you go to a McDonald’s, the look you get there is us,” says Enzo Vardaro.

Artitalia’s turnover will exceed $150 million this year, according to the company, which has offices in Canada, the United States and China. With more than 500 employees in its facilities totaling 1.2 million square feet, Artitalia targets customers who are giants in their field. “We don’t approach anyone since we work with volume. We can make tens of thousands of carts for customers like Amazon,” says the entrepreneur.

To meet demand, the company must be available at all times for its customers. It is for this reason that it has adopted the “Industry 4.0” mode. “Labour shortages, government shutdowns and the constant struggle to fill positions within production are currently a burden for us, as for most manufacturers,” says Enzo Vardaro. This is why we invest 4 to 5 million per year for automation. These smart and sophisticated technologies allow us to improve quality, increase our capacity and, above all, reduce production time and costs. »

Gold winner of the Best Managed Companies program, Artitalia explains that the key to its success lies in innovation and flexibility. “We never rest on our laurels and we don’t settle for just one product,” says Enzo Vardaro, vice president of design and marketing. To maintain its pace of growth, the company has acquired several competitors over the past 20 years and is always open to buying opportunities. Added to this is patience. Enzo Vardaro explains that it takes a lot of perseverance to manage to do business with giants. “We invest a lot in exhibitions around the world. It all starts with a call and it can take years before we are given a chance. We don’t give up, we can have ten no’s before having a yes. We introduce ourselves, we invite customers and we start small with a product like a single trolley, ”says the businessman.


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