Finally done. The renovated Reformation Square in Berlin’s largest pedestrian zone will open this weekend. Since the summer of 2020, thousands of paving stones have been laid in the old town of Berlin-Spandau, tripping hazards and dirty corners have been eliminated, and now there are new lamps and ramps. And on Saturday, May 14, at 12:30 p.m., St. Nikolai pastor Björn Borrmann, City Councilor Thorsten Schatz, CDU, and Christian Gaebler from the Senate will open the refreshed Reformation Square in the old town. Costs: almost 2 million from the federal and state coffers (“urban development funding”).

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On this day, experts explain what they built there and why 20 banana boxes full of human bones were buried next to the church during the construction work: Where the pedestrian zone is today, there used to be a cemetery. Here you can read my whole story in the Tagesspiegel, with lots of photos. From 1.30 p.m. there will be tours of the church tower again.

The renovation of the next square in the old town of Berlin-Spandau is already certain: the market square next door will be cleared out and modernized, even the bulky flower pots and stairs will be removed. But that’s not all, as the current plans by City Councilor Thorsten Schatz show: Here in the Tagesspiegel you will find a sketch with the new trees, photos and information about the construction site.

This construction site on the market square has major consequences – for example for the popular “wine summer” in the old town. The wine festival is moving in 2023 and is leaving the old town. And there are also initial plans for the Christmas market, which Spandau’s chief festival organizer Sven-Uwe Dettmann explains here in the Tagesspiegel interview: In it he talks about the wine summer, Christmas in the citadel and the old town, and the Pentecost festival on the Scharfe Lanke (which is currently is being rebuilt, here are photos and the completion date in the Tagesspiegel).

And another current note on the old town: On Thursday there will be a digital information event on the return of the tram to Spandau. There were ideas to lead the new route through the pedestrian zone, but these plans are off the table. Here is all the information in the daily mirror for you.

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Here are some of the current topics that you can find in the current Spandau newsletter.

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