Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Iris Spranger (SPD), wants to prevent the planned increase in the retirement age for police and firefighters. She told the Tagesspiegel on Thursday: “The statement by the Senate Department for Finance on raising the pension limit was not coordinated with me and my house.”

Statements from the administration of Finance Senator Daniel Wesener (Greens) had previously caused a stir among the police and fire brigade. In addition to gradually raising the retirement age for Berlin civil servants and judges to 67, the tax authorities also want to raise the special age limits in prison service.

In particular, the police union (GdP) sharply criticized the project. Your spokesman, Benjamin Jendro, described it as a fatal signal – especially with regard to the special burdens on the police forces in the federal capital.

Many colleagues are already leaving because shift work, overtime and constant availability make them ill in the long run. So far, the retirement age for law enforcement officers in the middle service is 61 years, in the higher service it is 62 years and in the higher service service it is 63 years.

Interior Senator Spranger is now clearly signaling support for the wishes of the unions. She said: “We are already at a comparable level with other federal states with our Berlin rules on the age limit for the pension of police and fire brigade officers.”

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This is particularly remarkable considering that Berlin is the last federal state that has not yet raised the general age limit for retirement from 64 to 67 years. In fact, the retirement age for police and fire brigades in eleven of 16 federal states is 62 for most fire brigade and police officers, even after the general increase for all other civil servants. At the federal level, the limit is also at this age.

In Hamburg and Rhineland-Palatinate, the retirement age for most police officers and firefighters is even 60 years. Civil servants in Brandenburg are allowed to retire later than in Berlin. There, the entry age was raised years ago – from 60 to 62 in the middle service, to 64 in the higher service and to 65 in the higher service. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thuringia, too, higher-ranking civil servants are only allowed to retire at the age of 64.

In order to increase the pressure on Finance Senator Wesener from the Greens, the GdP has now also written a letter to the Greens faction leaders in the House of Representatives, Silke Gebel and Werner Graf. The letter is available from the Tagesspiegel. The previous state chairman Norbert Cioma writes of a “fatal signal” that the raising of the age limit would emanate.

“It would be a fatal decision that not only misjudges the capital-related burdens, which you also often emphasize, but also goes in the completely wrong direction,” the letter says. The retirement age is now in the national average. However, this should “not be the claim of the capital with the highest variety, intensity and density of operations”.

Spranger said on Thursday: “The police and fire department colleagues can rest assured that I will clearly represent their interests on this issue.”

The raising of the pension limit to 67 years has long been agreed in Berlin. The tax authorities want to gradually raise this age from 2024 over eight years. The law is scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2023. A transitional period of one year applies. The increase is agreed in the coalition agreement.


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