She fought her cancer for five years – but unfortunately in vain. BBC podcaster Deborah James knows she must now prepare for death. She deals with it very openly and shows no signs of bitterness.

BBC presenter Deborah James knows she’s running out of time. It’s probably only a few days. After several surgeries and chemotherapy, treatment for her colon cancer, which is now considered incurable, was stopped.

Deborah has already said goodbye to her fans via Instagram, thanked them for their support and urged everyone to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Now, according to “”, the 40-year-old has reported again in her podcast. She talks about how she wants to spend the last hours of her life – and is overwhelmed by the willingness to donate to her cancer research fund.

According to the Daily Mail, more than 2.5 million euros had been paid into Deborah James’ donation fund, the “Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK”, in the past few days. 125,000 people donated to cancer research – and the number is growing all the time. Speaking to the BBC, Deborah James said she was “absolutely overwhelmed” by the response and felt so loved. Once again she thanked everyone for their generosity.

For the time she has left, Deborah has made an important decision. She wants to die at her parents’ home in Woking, south-west of London. Speaking on her podcast, she said: “I’ve kind of always wanted to die there, weirdly. I’ve always thought of that.” Adding that in her London home, it “doesn’t feel right” to her.

Particularly moving: The background to Deborah’s decision is her desire to relieve her two children, Hugo and Eloise. This applies to the difficult time of saying goodbye, but also to the future. Due to the move to her parents’ house, her London family home for the children is said to not always be associated with the death of her mother.

In the BBC interview, the podcaster said she works with her husband to leave memories for their children – letters, birthday cards, photos. She trusts him that he is the “most wonderful man” and she knows that her children are in good hands with him and her family. But she also said, “I don’t want to die. The idea that I won’t see my children’s weddings and grow up, that I won’t be a part of this life that I love so much…” She said it was hard for her to talk about it with her children Debora James. “My kids will be fine, but I miss every moment that I don’t get to be with them.

BBC presenter and podcaster Deborah James has battled cancer with all her might in recent years. Now the 40-year-old mother of two is saying goodbye to the fans.

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